Air’s Biography

With an adventure like no other, starting from adolescence Air became an international runway model until targeted by a human trafficking ring. After being rescued, Air found herself on a spiritual and physical healing journey which would pave the way to becoming a bestselling author, multiple science degree graduate and apothecary shop business owner. 

After launching her first and second bestsellers (Models Stop Traffic & Trafficking Aftermath), Air began touring and conducting television interviews as a victim advocate. (Click Here to View Media.) She used the proceeds from her books to open up her first healing line, Flying with Air. With Flying with Air’s growth she was able to give more back to the survivor community and was called to found FWA Survivors – a nonprofit dedicated to helping human trafficking survivors receive mental health services. 

Lately, Air is working on opening a third Flying with Air retail store as well as new startups like Framed Herbs. Her new books are guides based on the topics of herbalism, spirituality and overcoming trauma. In her free time, she has begun more public speaking and coaching new small business owners with a specialty of intertwining the spirituality of business with success and growth.

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