Author: flyingwithairorg

Jordan’s Biography

Jordan is a graduate of the University of Tennessee’s College of Law where he attended following attaining a Bachelor’s in Accounting from Lincoln Memorial University. Prior to his legal career, he spent over a decade working with emerging technologies for educational institutions, performing services such as graphics design, website design and programming, and internal application […]

Kristen’s Biography

Deeply committed to the assistance of vulnerable women and girls, Kristen brings over 30 years of experience in the global private sector and humanitarian emergency response. Kristen is a fearless globe-trotting humanitarian and a multi-tasking champion of transformational goals. In line with this lifelong passion, Kristen recently earned her master’s degree in Humanitarian Logistics Management […]

Julie’s Biography

Julie is an energetic and joyful promoter of the evolution of the human spirit. Dedicated to the assistance of liberating vulnerable women, she brings six years of experience in the humanitarian response to human trafficking. Julie has served on the board of The Partnership to End Human Trafficking and led community awareness projects with Love146. […]

Air’s Biography

With an adventure like no other, starting from adolescence Air became an international runway model until targeted by a human trafficking ring. After being rescued, Air found herself on a spiritual and physical healing journey which would pave the way to becoming a bestselling author, multiple science degree graduate and apothecary shop business owner.  After […]