We love our corporate partners.

Our corporate partners bridge the very important gap of supporting human trafficking survivors to become fully integrated, healthy and contributing members of society.

40.3 Million Victims

of human trafficking globally, with hundreds of thousands in the United States.

23,078 Survivors

identified in 2018 alone by the Polaris Hotline - a 25% jump from 2017

15,042 Female Survivors

of every race and demographic in the USA needing your business's support.

We offer services that move survivors through the unique and complex issues associated with their trafficking experience, so they can reintegrate and thrive.


Survivors share their stories


about limited resources


You'll fill this need


And see lives restored

We are proudĀ of our work

Right now, hundreds of human trafficking and sexual assault survivors are unable to receive mental health services after experiencing horrific trauma. Financial obstacles, lack of transportation and confidentiality concerns stand in the way of this care. Many survivors go years, if not their entire lives, without being able to talk with someone or find healing. Our goal is to take away the obstacles that prevent survivors from being able to receive therapy and additional support. We would love for your company to join us with our mission.