Julie’s Biography

Julie is an energetic and joyful promoter of the evolution of the human spirit. Dedicated to the assistance of liberating vulnerable women, she brings six years of experience in the humanitarian response to human trafficking. Julie has served on the board of The Partnership to End Human Trafficking and led community awareness projects with Love146. She has most recently been asked to join the board of Share Love Fund. Julie began her own jewelry line, Joey and Jules, where some of the profits are reinvested into the aftercare home for the women through The Partnership to End Human Trafficking.
When not reading a James Hollis book or riding in her Jeep with dogs Freedom and Scootch, Julie can be found organizing women’s gatherings, in the gym, biking, paddle boarding and enjoying time at the beach with her children.
Julie looks forward to assisting FWAWS with empowering women, making social change and growing the vision.

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